Welcome to Exabyte Engineering LLC

Exabyte Engineering offers fully customized application, website and embedded system solutions for your personal and business needs and is dedicated to creating software and hardware solutions with an emphasis on integrity and confidentiality.


At Exabyte Engineering we design some interesting and useful websites and mobile application. Everything from landing pages for artists to small-business content-manageable sites. Here are a few examples of websites and applications.

Zombies Open Season

Zombies Open Season

Zombie hunting and survival in an urban jungle: First Person Shooter

What Differences?

What Differences Icon
What Differences? Screenshot

Spot the difference in two photos. What Differences is our take on the classic spot the difference style of games.

Zombie Night Movies

Zombie Night Movies Screenshot

Zombie Night Movies fuses custom database elements with wordpress for seamless content management.

Cristyle Renae

Cristyle Renae Screenshot

Cristyle Renae is a completely custom programmed website for an artist sharing their music, it features facebook, soundcloud, and youtube feeds integrated with the site.

Zombie Differences

Zombie Differences Icon
Zombie Differences Screenshot

Spot the Zombie Differences in two images.

Engage Missions

Engage Missions Screenshot

Engage Missions is a responsive mobile ready website.

Life Management

Life Management Screenshot

Life Management


ToneTopia Screenshot

ToneTopia is a completely custom music database which allows for streaming of songs.

Animal Scrambler

Animal Scrambler Screenshot

Animal Scrambler is an example of an app for mobile/tablets, it utilizes different UI elements and graphic effects.

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