M3u Playlist Copy

M3u Playlist Copy is a lightweight solution that will copy all the files in an M3u playlist, maintain the folder tree structure and copy the playlist to a new drive, device or a different folder. For windows devices, this executable is an elegant solution for an occasional conundrum.

M3u Playlist Copy Screenshot

Three easy steps to copy an M3u playlists files, folder tree and the playlist:

  1. Selected the Destination folder
  2. Copy Function Screenshot
  3. Select the M3u Source Playlist
  4. Copy Function Screenshot
  5. Click Copy
  6. Copy Function Screenshot

Download it now!

This application was modeled after Amok Playlist Copy, which works quite well but has two limitations.

  1. Amok Playlist Copy is not in English
  2. Amok Playlist Copy does not strip the MyMusic directory path from the destination path
M3u Playlist Copy is in English and has a default setting to strip the MyMusic path from the destination path. This setting can be disabled.